Myths and truths about fitness equipment exercise

Many times barriers and impediments to healthy habits and exercise do not depend on causes such as lack of time, equipment costs or gym memberships. In many cases, people do not exercise because they accept false myths or are unaware of the truths surrounding the use of fitness equipment, be it at home or in the gym.

Here are six of the most common myths and truths for you to undertake your training with the correct information clear.

myths about fitness equipment

Elliptical machines wear out joints: FALSE

On the contrary, the work done in an elliptical team strengthens the joints as well as several muscles of the body and improves cardiovascular health. Although it is advisable to make sure that the machine has an aerobically correct operation and should not exceed its use. A maximum of five days a week is recommended.

Not all fitness equipment is equally recommended when you want to burn calories: TRUE

Any physical activity that aims to burn calories must take into account the person’s physical state, constitution, health, and age. Although all fitness equipment can fulfill these purposes, not all of them are recommended since, for example, an elliptical machine requires more effort than a treadmill, and there are people who due to physical problems must be careful with the movements they make. For this reason, it is always advisable to consult with a training professional who will establish the exercise and the most suitable equipment to use.

Thin people should not use physical training equipment (trotters, ellipticals, exercise bikes, etc.): FALSE

The fact that a person is thinly built does not mean that he or she should not exercise. It should be taken into account that the exercise performed on any fitness equipment helps to improve the cardiovascular system, burns unnecessary calories and avoids cholesterol problems and illnesses caused by sedentarism.

A trotting machine burns more calories than an elliptical one: TRUE

Although burning calories depends on the physical state and build of each person, recent studies agree that a trotting machine burns more calories. However, both have unique benefits that can be tapped depending on the goals each person seeks with exercise.

It is necessary to stretch and warm up before using a fitness equipment: TRUE

Any physical activity, however minimal it may be, requires prior warm-up and stretching in order to avoid muscular problems and joint complications.

The technology used by fitness equipment alters the heart rate when exercising: FALSE

High-tech fitness equipment is designed with people’s well-being in mind and is tested by scientists, technologists and aerobic health practitioners before being marketed.

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