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There’s a new way to increase your body’s ability to lose weight naturally! The Slimming Thermo Collection at Tempthing.com will increase the amount of calories you burn and therefor increase your ability to lose weight in a healthy and natural way. If you want a way to effectively enhance your weight loss journey, then these products are the way to do it naturally, safely and fast.

How does it work? It works with your body’s natural processes for cooling down and effectively burning calories. It works so that your body does what it does naturally, but it does it better and more intensily with these products, by increasing your core body temperature. These products fit snuggly around your body, creating a vacuum seal that doesn’t let any air get in and keeps the heat and the sweat trapped.

The Slimming Thermo products all have 4 important effects on your body that lead to weight loss. You simply wear them while you do your regular workout routine in order to take advantage of these 4 effects that have been intensified.

Increases Your Energy Expenditure

In order to maintain a healthy core temperature, our bodies have mechanisms that they rely on in order to cool down. Making these mechanisms work takes up a lot of energy and burns fat. When you wear these products, the body works harder to cool down than when you don’t wear them. Because the vest increases your core temperature more than normal, your body puts in that much more energy into cooling down and therefore you will burn a lot more calories.

As a matter of fact, the increase in the amount of calories burned will be about 30%. While during a regular workout you could burn you will burn about 500kcals per session, you can burn 300kcals more per session each time. If you work out 4 times a week, that’s an increase of 57,600kcals a month. If you want to look at it in terms of weight, then you should know that it’s over 16lbs a year by simply wearing one of these products!

slimming thermal waist trimmer

You will sweat more

As you probably already know, your body uses sweat as a cooling mechanism. The body produces sweat and then as the sweat evaporates off your skin, your body cools down. Well, making that sweat requires a lot of energy!

If you need to see the math again, here it is: your body can burn 0.7kcals of energy for every 1 gram of sweat that it makes. So, the more you sweat, the more energy and therefore the more calories you are burning.

But more than simply burning calories, sweating is actually really good for you. Research has shown that sweat can help reduce mood swings, reduces stress on your heart, reduces the risk of developing kidney stones, cleanses your body of toxins, moisturizes and protects the skin, and even reduces acne and skin infections.

You will enter the fat burning zone much more quickly

Working out is all about burning up fat. But if you want to burn fat you need to enter into what is called the fat burning zone. This is the time frame in which you burn the most calories from fat when you work out. To get into this zone, it takes about 20 minutes under normal circumstances. However, once you are wearing one of these products, you will enter into the fat burning zone a lot faster. All of this adds up to make you much more efficient during your workouts.

Your Metabolic Rate Will Increase

Imagine having your metabolic rate increase by 30%! That’s what happens when you wear one of these thermo products. You will burn 30% more fat whenever you wear them.

The Slimming Thermo Line at thempthing.com includes slimming thermo pants, the slimming thermo vest, and the complete outfit which also includes the arms sleeves. Take advantage of these products at an incredible price that you will not find anywhere else on the internet.

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