Anabolic steroids: More muscles, less sex?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for changes in puberty. It has androgenic effects related to sexual changes (development of the genitals, appearance of body hair, voice thickening), and anabolic effects associated with muscle growth, bone, among others.

For many years, testosterone and its synthetic derivatives have been used indiscriminately by men, initially bodybuilders, then high-performance athletes, and now more by young men who attend gymnasiums. This abuse is due to their easy access and availability, as they can be purchased without the need for a doctor, or even online.

: the greater the anabolic effect, the greater the androgenic effect.

What consequences can they bring? Synthetic anabolic steroids were created to enhance the growth of muscle and bone tissues; however, none of them are free to influence sexual tissues: the greater the anabolic effect, the greater the androgenic effect.

What many people don’t know are the consequences or side effects they can have on the body. In order to understand these negative sequelae, I will first explain to you how it works. In our brain, the hypothalamus and pituitary gland regulate the secretion of hormones that stimulate testicular-level testosterone production. By reaching elevated levels of testosterone in the blood, inhibition occurs at the brain level, decreasing testosterone production at the testicular level.

What if I take the testosterone? As I explained, the hypothalamus-hypophysis-testicles axis regulates the production of testosterone, and since the latter is elevated in blood due to its continuous ingestion, it causes an intratesticular imbalance with the consequent decrease, not only in the production of sperm, but also in its maturation. This results in prolonged but reversible male infertility, in most cases.

These synthetic products can also influence psychological, muscular and sexual development. Aggressiveness, depression, anxiety; as well as acne, baldness, liver problems, and low obstructive urinary symptoms as a result of a possible enlargement of the prostate secondary to the use of these medications, are just a few effects. Decreased libido and erectile dysfunction are also seen by prolonged use, especially once you stop using them, due to the sharp drop in blood testosterone, and becomes reversible once the values return to normal.

Before starting any treatment, always consult your doctor first, we will guide you to what is best for your health!

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